Financial Joint Network Solution

If you decided to participate in the financial Joint Network,
Meet CruzNet to open the service system in a short time.

CruzNet is a solution that process Joint Network business for interworking with KFTC(Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute)'s small payment system. Through modularization, it is able to flexibly respond to the needs of various customers and provide a seamless environment for connecting with past operations. As if you are one of the lagging financial institutions, this solution is essential if you are looking to improve your competitiveness.

CruzNet Becomes Your Business Core Strategy

Supporting 5 major Joint Network business

Other Bank Joint Network
Electronic Financial Joint Network
CD Joint Network
CMS Joint Network
Internet Giro Network

Main Functions

Joint Network business

  • Provide Fund Settlement
  • Integrated Transaction Details Management
  • Message Verification
  • Missing number Processing
  • Batch Transfer

Network Management business

  • External Communication Management
  • Message Management by Joint Network
  • Schedule Management
  • Network State Management

Back-End business

  • Withdrawal, Payment, Transfer
  • Transaction Details Management
  • Integrigy Management

Common business

  • Transaction identification/Save Journal
  • Message Routing
  • Message Conversion
  • Flow Control


  • Adapter
  • Adapter
  • EAI Adapter



  • Middleware-Based with proven stability
  • Provide Load Balancing/Session Processing Function


  • HA and Domain Configuration
  • HA and Domain Configuration


  • Provide independent architecture from backend and channel
  • Clear business functional separation of Joint Network business/network management business/backend connection/channel connection
  • Secure standardization by standard message processing
  • Easy to handle various types of backend/channel connection
  • Provide fee policy unification and processing
  • Provide integrated transaction details management
  • Maintain integrity through incomplete processing of backend/external institution


  • Powerful GUI-based business customizing function
  • Customizing the backend/channel interworking environment
  • Message Conversion based on backend message/channel message
  • Web based Joint Network Operation/Monitoring Function

Key Use Cases


Electrical Financial Network Solution Implementation of BOH

BOH (Bank of Hope) is a bank located in the United States that provides financial services to Korean American. It is expanding its services for customer convenience and decided to participate in the financial network of KFTC. They have chosen CruzNet as its financial Joint Network solution in order to implement the system stably within a short amount of time.


Small Payment System Implementation of Daishin Securities

Daishin Securities has built a small payment system to allow direct processing of Joint network operation as the capital market integration law passed, which was previously possible only in banks. Direa has established an environment that enables the CD Joint network, the electronic finance Joint network, the other bank currency Joint network, the CMS Joint network, and the PG Joint network operation by connecting the core incoming and outgoing transactions (internal system) and the KFTC(external institution).


Next-Generation System Implementation of Hyundai Swiss Savings Bank (Current SBI Savings Bank)

Hyundai Swiss Savings Bank (Current SBI Savings Bank) has built a next-generation system focusing on strengthening customer service in response to comprehensive financial grouping and entry into the global financial market. Our company has been responsible for the building of financial Joint network and affiliate network system.