Channel Integration, Build Financial Business Systems,
And System Failure prediction
Are what we do.

Channel Integration

DIREA Co., Ltd. is a specialized company in charge of channel integration system of various customers with own solutions developed by the R&D Center. We currently operate the business across the whole field of Channel integration system.

01 Field of Internal Channel Integration

Channel is a primary collection path for data such as Internet, mobile, ARS, integrated terminals and call centers. Those channels have different data type and interface method. The Internal Channel Integration System (Internal MCA:Multi-Channel-Architecture) is a system that integrates various types of data collected through these various internal channels into a standardized form and links them to the internal system. Based on the Channel Integration Solution (CruzLink MCI), Direa Co., Ltd. builds the system by customizing it to each customer's channel and system.

02 Field of External Channel Integration

The External channel integration System takes part in linking the internal system of the enterprise with the system of external institutions in order to carry out the external businesses through the data tranmission of not only the interenal systems, but also with the external system of other institutions. It is sometimes referred to as Front-End-Processor (FEP) or Multi-Channel-Architecture (MCA), depending on the customer. Direa Co., Ltd. utilizes External System Solution (CruzLink FEP) to build a stable linkage system with external agencies.

03 Field of Enterprise Application Integration

The Application Integration System (EAI: Enterprise Application Integration) standardizes the interfaces of applications that are individually managed within the enterprise. By centrally managing the information, we build an infrastructure that enables us to utilize the necessary information centered on the business process, regardless of the system. Thus Direa builds a system to organically link all types of applications within the enterprise through its Application Integration solution (CruzLink EAI).

04 Field of SOA

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) invokes and integrates the necessary components required for business process execution among the services provided by each system, while EAI is a linkage system that focuses on system integration for sending and receiving data, and Enterprise-Service-Bus (ESB) is a middleware platform that implements an SOA environment. Diria Co., Ltd. proposes the SOA solution (CruzLink) to customers to ensure flexibility and agility of the system.

Financial SI

The financial service system is classified according to the type of business such as receipt, credit, foreign exchange, and external business. Each system development requires a high degree of understanding of finance business besides IT knowledge. DIREA has accumulated the know-how in its specialized field of integration technology and financial business, and is showing a great edge in the building of business system for external agencies of various financial customers. The external agency service is to build a business system that is performed through some business related to funds of other institutions other than the internal of the financial institution, or through linkage with other institutions. It is largely divided into external integration business, CMS/firm banking, and Financial information network business.

01 Building of External integration business System

The external integration business of a financial institution is a service that acts on behalf of a part of other institutions business, not the internal business. We build systems to manage, deposit, pay, and sell agency related to funds of public institutions such as courts, local autonomous bodies, educational institutions, or establish other system of affiliation business such as securities cooperation, bancassurance business.

02 Building of CMS/FirmBanking System

Corporate Fund Management System enables real-time processing such as payment, payment collection, fund management, and integrated cost management in cooperation with an institution/company system through KFTC Financial Information network or VAN network. Thus DIREA provides environment for CMS/Firm banking service to financial institutions through Firm banking solution (CruzFirm) and provides efficient financial management by providing Corporate Fund Management solution (CruzFirm) for Firm banking customers.

03 Financial Information Network business System

The Financial Information network is a network that is used jointly of each financial institution. Each bank's computer network is connected through KFTC, and it performs business with other bank or other financial institution by using this financial information network. In recent years, securities companies are increasingly using financial networks though KFTC as a result of legislative changes and the introduction of new services. This enables financial customers can use financial services from any location regardless of the financial institution they are transacting with. DIREA Co., Ltd. utilizes external business solutions to build an environment that enables external joint network operations to customer systems of various financial institutions such as banks, securities, and insurance.

Deep Channel

Deep Channel is a Big Data business that utilizes a wide variety of log data such as resources, work, transactions, and sensing from the integration system in order to enhance the business. By utilizing core and APIs that collectively collect and analyze channels and internal and external data for failure prediction and marketing, it provides services that enable companies to generate revenue and reduce costs .

01 Failure Prediction

We improve customer service to reduce operational costs with monitoring, correlation, and anomaly detection of various resources in channel transactions. By monitoring the log error status of the external channel process, it is possible to perform precise management and preemptive response, as well as rapid fault prediction through real-time status of channel transactions and correlation analysis for each period. It continuously learn automatically through machine learning based on non-teach learning and automatically detect abnormality based on it.

02 Manage Unfinished Transactions

Derive required system and functional improvements through real-time analysis of unfinished transactions (system errors, user errors, transaction errors, transaction hesitation) data. We implement the service of omni channel means in which the unfinished transaction information of various channels are continuously shared between channels.

03 Marketing Support

We reduce the customer secession rate by providing message, channel, and abnormal detection by customers, purchase history, and the recommended product service based on detailed profiles. And based on revenue forecasts, we provide market, product, and customer view to expand new customers by raising product hit rates by developing new products and improving existing products.