APIM Platform (API Management Platform)

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Open APIs and a variety of fin tech services are active to intensify competition in the financial market.

The emergence of Open APIs and various fintech services has intensified competition in the financial market. So now API Business which is offering a variety of service experiences to customers has become an important part of the financial business.

CruzAPIM is an API Management Platform to send and receive APIs between client and server. It makes the speedy and stable environment to launch brand new services by connecting to other affiliates with API.

The beginning of API Business, CruzAPIM

Why CruzAPIM?

Independent architecture from the legacy system

  • Efficient deployment of solutions based on customer system requirements (ex. mount on legacy integration system or develop separately in DMZ section)
  • Applies to any legacy system by interface (communication, data) conversion feature

System scalability

  • By providing API Client and Server together, implementing bi-directional service environment with one solution
  • Efficiently integrate distributed business systems and easily add new APIs
  • Respond flexibly to the progressive adoption of MSA

Guaranteed service performance/stability

  • Service discovery technology to maximize service performance
  • Decentralized processing technology and transaction monitoring based on mass transaction processing experience
  • High understanding of the financial system and work

Main functions

API Register

API Routing

Data/Protocol conversion

API User Authentication

Transaction Monitoring

HOT Deploy

Main use cases of APIM Platform


Development project for Nonghyup bank Interface

CruzAPIM based on MSA presents the direction of future interfaces. Nonghyup Bank adopted REST/HTTP as an enterprise interface standard and took CruzAPIM to build an API relay server. Therefore, Nonghyup Bank has laid the foundation for suitable response to new businesses such as My Data, Personal Asset Total Management, and Distributed ID, etc., as well as new technologies such as cloud and AI.


Implementation of Suhyup Open Banking System

CruzAPIM guarantees stability even in unpredictable bulk transactions. Suhyup Bank is operating CruzAPIM as the APIM platform for open banking. Although the transaction volume forecast was uncertain due to a new type of work that was not previously available, CruzAPIM has proven its performance by maintaining the system stably through flexible load balancing and rate limit functions, even during events where open banking work is heavily concentrated.

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Implementation of Daishin Financial Open Banking System

Daishin Securities chose CruzAPIM, which has a successful experience in building open banking in the first financial sector, to solve the challenge of establishing an open banking system in a short time. The functions and stability that have already been verified in the No.1 financial sector, including specialized assets for open banking, were sufficient to eliminate the risks caused by short business periods, and were the optimal choice for laying the foundation for digital innovation.

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