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As the paradigm shift in which data initiative is shifted from institutions to individuals by the Data 3 Act occurs, Companies are preparing innovative services based on various personal credit data transmitted with their consent in order to take the lead in the newly reorganized competitive market.
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Mydata Enterprise Suite

Strategic response Plan for a variable
Mydata business

It's in the early stages of the business, so the transaction cannot be estimated...
How to respond to the fluid trading volume after the system is built?
It provides a system expansion experience that responds in real time to sudden changes in trading volume.
  • As the transaction volume increases, the system automatically scales out in real time without service interruption.
  • It consists of a flexible architecture for system expansion.
  • Supports both physical and logical extensions.
Is there anything missing from the newly applied complex laws and guides?
It complies with the Mydata standard API and guide specifications of the Financial Security Service and the Korea Credit Information Services.
  • It complies with the Mydata standard API and guide specifications of the Financial Security Service and the Korea Credit Information Services.
  • We comply with security requirements such as the Credit Information Act and the Electronic Financial Transactions Act.
How to minimize the impact on legacy services and systems?
Supports various interface for the legacy.
  • Based on more than 20 years of channel interface knowledge, we provide various protocol and message conversion functions.
  • It guarantees compatibility with various internal security management systems.

Main Functions

#1 Send/receive MyData standard API.

Standard API for Information provision
API for information providers to send personal credit information to Mydata providers
API for Authentication
API for customers to request transmission of personal credit information and perform identity authentication
API for Support
API required for comprehensive portal to support Mydata industry

#2 Personal credit information is transmitted through customer identification.

  • Individual identity verification
    Individual identity verification
    Manage authorization code issuance and access token issuance/reissuance/disposal.
  • Integrated identity authentication
    Integrated identity authentication
    We support customer self-authentication by linking with an integrated certification authority.
    However, in the case of an information provider using a relay agency, the relay agency handles it.

#3 Systematically manage personal credit information transmission requests and transmission details.

  • Management of transmission request rights
    Management of transmission request rights
    Implements a system that facilitates inquiry/change/processing of transfer request rights.
  • Transmission history management
    Transmission history management
    Manage/store personal credit information transmission history, and notify customers of the record at least once a year.

Main use cases of MyData


Implementation of MyData comprehensive portal and relay agency system

The Korea Credit Information Services, a MyData relay agency, adopted the APIM solution 'CruzAPIM' to build a financial and public MyData relay platform. In this project, CruzAPIM's API Engine supports message conversion (JSON/XML ↔ full text) and legacy method interface (FEP linkage) in charge of linking MyData Participating Organizations with the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.


Development project for Nonghyup bank Interface

Nonghyup Bank adopted REST/HTTP as the interface standard for Mydata and Personal Asset Management, and introduced CruzAPIM by establishing API relay system in advance to construct foundation for the smooth implementation of following MyData business system.


Implementation of OPEN API Platform

Samsung Card selected'CruzAPIM', the APIM solution, to lay the foundation for the company-wide standard API transmission/reception system. The OPEN API platform built in this project consists of open banking business (users, participating organizations) and MyData portal (developers, managers). Responsible for linking information sources and legacy systems.


Implementation of MyData System

By August 4, 2021, we introduced CruzAPIM to build a relay system to respond to the right to request transmission of MyData information. This was a choice that not only satisfies the requirements for sending and receiving APIs as an information provider, but also considered the possibility of expanding business as a MyData provider in the future and physical/logical scalability according to the increase in transaction volume.

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Implementation of OPEN API Platform

In addition to responding to MyData, NH Insurance wanted the introduced solution to serve as an infrastructure for service alliances with external partners. CruzAPIM provides an API portal for API management, a developer portal for API inquiry and testing of internal developers, MyData Manager for managing MyData, and an open portal for external developers (affiliates) separately. It provides the convenience of people in charge of external systems and services.


Implementation of standard API system for Establishment of infrastructure to respond to MyData business

NH Nonghyup Life, as an information provider, minimizes the impact of legacy systems and provides flexibility to minimize the impact of legacy systems by providing professional conversion and EAI agents after long consideration to consider the architecture linkage with legacy systems when building a system for providing MyData to fulfill legal obligations. Introduced CruzAPIM, which ensures extensibility.


Expansion of external channels in response to data 3 law transmission requests

Cigna Life Insurance has introduced CruzAPIM, faithful to basic requirements as an open platform, easy virtualizing and cloud transforming to support Korea Credit Information Services and TCP/IP communication with Korea Credit Information Services, as well as preparing for future expansion as a MyData provider.


Implementation of MyData System

DIREA has been chosen because we have high understanding of Mydata business by owning management solution of itself not only for developing an integrated management portal screen for checking the status of collecting and holding Mydata by customers type of Mydata system but for managing individual authentication transmission.