We gather each other's dreams and make our future.

Close your eyes and imagine your future.
Here is the place where you can realize.
It’s Direa.




The passion that is not afraid of challenges

Think positive


Positive and active attitude

Be Considerate


Respect others

HR System


  • Quarterly performance evaluation and competency evaluation
  • Different evaluation criteria by job category


  • Excellent Employee Award at the annual ceremony
  • Incentive payments based on company profits


We support growth through self-development

  • Support fitness registration fee for health care that is easy to miss in busy daily life
  • Support for foreign language courses fee to grow into global talent
  • Support for Cultural living expenses such as movies and musicals will stimulate emotions in modern society
  • Support hobby activity fees that can create positive energy

Support a balanced life of work and family.

  • Send the gift to the employee's parents to celebrate the first anniversary of Joining DIREA.
  • Support comprehensive health screenings expenses for beloved couple to be together life
  • Support of child education expenses that contribute to private education costs
  • Guarantee of maternity leave and parental leave
  • National holiday bonus to buy family present
  • Provide money and vacation of sharing sad and happiness about family events

We take care of daily life like a mother.

  • Provide Toast and snacks for hungry young people from time to time
  • Provide an umbrella to those who are embarrassed by sudden rain
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Installed air cleaner to save employees from fine dust

Good things happen if we are together for a long time

  • Provide 3days vacation and travel expenses to 5years long-term employee
  • Provide 9days vacation and travel expenses to 10years long-term employee


Recruitment Process


Document Screening

1차 실무 면접

The first practical interview

2차 임원 면접

Coding Test

1차 실무 면접

The second executive interview

2차 임원 면접

Pass/Fail Announcement


Support field
Job description
  • Common

    • Those who do not have a disqualification for overseas trip (fulfilled or extemped from army duty)
    • War vertaran (according to related law)
    • Holders of master's and doctoral degrees, holders of IT-related qualifications, fluent in foreign languages
  • Integrated Solution Development

    Engine and adapter upgrade and new development of Direa's own technology solutions
    • C, VC ++ programming proficiency
    • JAVA programming proficiency
    • Server and UI Tool developing experience
    • Unix, Linux programming experience
    • Persistent and challenging person
    • New / Experienced Recruit
  • SI

    Implementation project for site-specific business system
    • JAVA programming proficiency
    • high degree of understanding of financial business
    • Excellent collaboration and communication skills
    • New / Experienced Recruit

How to apply

Receipt on demand

Please send your resume and cover letter by e-mail

(jke@direa.co.kr / 02-562-7132)