Message-Based Simulator

Message-based testing tools to eliminate uncertainty about the stable operation of new/changed systems

Message-based simulator CruzSim provides the environment same as actual operation for all the systems which are interfaced by message. By providing an environment that enables developers to test various cases anytime and anywhere, it improves the completeness of the development system and provides administrators with intuitive statistics and charts that enable real-time testing status to be improved.

CruzSim gives confidence to the new system

Why CruzSim?

Provides a 24-hour test environment.

When you meet CruzSim, you don’t have to be kicked in any more time for testing. The virtual, but same test environment is implemented, so you can effortlessly run a variety of tests at any time to drive development productivity.

A to Z testing of business

CruzSim tests the full-process. It supports the entire process from start to finish of all transactions with the message interface rather than with partial functions, enabling comprehensive bidirectional testing in connection with other systems.

Resolve test blind spot

By providing a rich set of test cases that do not rely on the tester's limited experience, it minimizes system failure rates as the tester performs tests up to what it did not expect.

Test real-time monitoring

Resolve your curiosity of how many times has tested and whether the system development will be completed at the specified time. Various charts visually implemented on the dashboard provide real-time monitoring of various test situations.

Main Functions

Bidirectional Connection Test

Bidirectional testing of all message-based connections business between systems

Mass Transaction Test

Test the mass of the data through the file

Variable Message Test

Test by changing some field values randomly

Exception Test

Test by applying abnormal test cases

Third-party Verification Test

Tested by someone other than the developer by changing the value of the validated field

Load Test

Assigned User/Multi-Channel Simultaneous TPS-Based Load Test

Channel Management

Change channel status to actual test line or simulation

Test Case Management

Recycle through various request/response test case management


Status of Statistics by Month/Day/Hour and Test Status by Task/Channel

Key Use Cases


Nonghyup Bank/Mutual finance Account system separation development

In this project, CruzSim faithfully fulfills its role as a typical external integration simulator. By acting as a virtual external agency, CruzSim minimized running risk by implementing an environment in which it can conduct on-the-fly testing of the integration system with individual institutions regardless of the progress rate of other systems development.


Development of a New Internet Banking System

At Kyungnam Bank, CruzSim acts as a virtual accounting system. We implemented a virtual trading environment to test transactions between the Internet Banking System and the account system and tested all the business processes throughout the development period of the new Internet banking system.


Finnq Business System Implementation

Introduced CruzSim supports end-to-end testing of business. Finnq is a newly established corporation, and as a whole new system is built, so before running the system, Full system TEST is important. The message-based simulator CruzSim plays a role as a virtual external institution as well as performing a message-based request/response role between internal systems. It provides a testable environment for development teams at each time regardless of the entire development/testing schedule.

Korea federation of savings banks(KFSB)

Development of external linkage test function on the educational system

CruzSim which are built in development system and education system of KFSB makes test environment for external linkage transactions. The KFSB System (AFIS: Integration Financial Information System), a system used for integrated and non-integrated savings banks together, can generate inward transactions and respond to outward transactions through the CruzSim, so all savings banks will always be able to develop and educate their business system irregardless of external institutions environment.