Message Management Solution

One managing point for distributed messages.
It gets easier, more convenient and efficient.

Users feel more difficult as they've got to manage plenty of distributed messages from each system by means of a variety of channels and services occurring. CruzMMS helps users to manage messages overall in one system and plus, both increase of work efficiency by standardization and improvement of developing convenience offer users fantastic environment for operating services fast and stable.

The beginning of more convenient integrated management for messages, CruzMMS


Uni-management point

  • Manage all messages in one system
  • Minimalize deplicated messages overall by various searching
  • Distribute several systems from one service
  • Centralized management of distributed system

Increase of work efficiency by standardization

  • Increase of developmental efficiency by suggesting standard input methods
  • Clarification of standard/non-standard
  • Detail management with division of common/individual for messages

Maximized convenience of development

  • Easy for derived influential degree analysis when restructuring existing messages
  • Offers a variety of input methods
  • Offers auto-mapping function based on english/korean name
  • Super easy to design interfaces and distribute

Main Functions

Register/modify messages

  • Convenient input with Excel drag&drop function
  • With some search and double clicks without any further register do all

Derived influence check

  • Confirm derived influence when modifying message groups in one screen
  • Modify several messages by selecting specifically among derived influential messages

Manage authority

  • Increase of stability and safety by setting authority to all menu
  • Easy to manage with modification authority for each message

Compare/Manage versions

  • Able to revert anytime with all different versions saved/managed whenever they're modified
  • Confirm messages with comparing each other by versions


  • Save the frequently-using messages to favorites and manage them
  • Several clicks are fine just like bring specific address from phonebook

Copy/Paste text

  • Auto-complete-input by copy and paste meta-verification-completed field names including separator
  • Quicker and more convenient than inputting one by one

Key Use Case


Next-Generation Integrated System Implementation of Samsung Asset Management Co.

CruzMMS offers the increase of convenient message assembling and stable operation with integrated management of messages and distribute to each system freely with the role of bridge among 6 different systems in this project.


Next-Generation Integrated System Implementation of Korea Housing Finance Co.

CruzMMS offers the excelence in managing, stability and safety with centralized managing point in one system, connecting three different systems by also applying CruzMMS to Korea Housing Finance Co. implementing next-generation integrated system.