TP-Monitor Maximizes system performance
By effective distributed transaction processing

CruzTP is a TP-Monitor following the international protocol X / OPEN DTP that performs Mission Critical tasks perfectly by maximizing system performance by effectively performing distributed transaction processing for a large number of client requests. The speed of distributed processing is also superior to other products and guarantees stability that can perform in any environment.

Ensure transactions under different OS, DBMS environment

Main Functions

Queue Implementation Method

  • MSSQ(Multi-Server Single-queue)
    - Share one queue for each server
  • SSSQ(Single-Server Single-queue)
    - Separate queues for each server

Various Communication Method

  • Synchronous /Asynchronous Method
  • Broadcast /Event Method
  • Conversation Method

Distributed Transaction Processing

  • 2PC support in multiple Nodes and multiple DB environments
  • 다수의 Node와 다수의 DB 환경에서도 2PC 지원
  • 1-Node, 1-DBMS / 1-Node, N-DBMS
  • N-Node, 1-DBMS / N-Node, N-DBMS


  • When a Client makes a request with a higher priority, the request is processed faster than other requests.
  • Each service can be prioritized and automatically service requests with higher priority can be processed first

RQ (Reliable Queue)

  • Manage service requests and responses by memory to ensure service reliability and performance
  • Use a separate file system or device for recovery at the event of data loss, such as a system crash/down

Multi-Node & Multi-Domain Structure

  • System consists with single/multi domain according to business characteristics by domain concept
  • Each domain consists of several nodes
  • Ability to send and receive business messages and status/control messages between nodes


Structural Aspect

  • Distributed messaging delivery method which is outstanding performance than centralized processing
  • Handler acts separately at a Remote client case

Management Aspect

  • Intuitive Management Tools
  • Statistical information such as processing count, cancels count, and queue usage
  • Errors process by config setting in a way of event without additional coding

Functional Aspect

  • Follows the X/OPEN DTP Standard
  • Field buffer function provides simple I/F between Server and Client
  • Reconfiguration of dynamic configuration enables new services to be added on-line (24*365)
  • Connection through simple config setting with the provided adapters for linking with other systems
  • View log/trace issued by the server program in real time

Key Use Case


Firm Banking System Development of Suhyup Cooperative Federation

Our Company have built CruzTP, which controls transaction processing in the Suhyup Bank that maximize system performance with effective distributed transaction processing, thus realizing stable performance in any environment.


Center-cut Integrated Channel System Implementation of Daegu Bank

We provide stable system environment that can deal with a large amount of transactions by implementing CruzTP that observes and controls transaction results with the purpose of increasing system managing efficiency in this business.


Nonghyup Credit MCA, External MCA System in Operation

In the Nonghyup computing system, which has the largest volume of transactions in Korea, CruzTP has been carrying out the distributed transaction function so that the system does not go down even in the mass transaction.