Automated Clearing House Solution

Automated Clearing House Solution
Financial services become diversified.
Business processing becomes simplified.
Because there is CruzACH.

CruzACH is an automated clearing house solution that builds a financial network in which various financial institutions can use fund transfer and clearing services. Take the amazing experience of bringing innovation to the local financial system naturally in any country.

CruzACH provides a different financial environment from yesterday

Why CruzACH?

A global solution that can be suitable anywhere in the world

CruzACH is a standardized solution for any environment. Data conversion technology meets ISO20022/ISO8583 standard of International Financial Payment Message Transmission and reflects PFMI standard of Financial Market Infrastructure.

Provide various payment services

The range of payment services will be expanded. It facilitates the transfer of funds between banks and raises the competitiveness of participating institutions by providing diverse customer service such as salary transfer, utility charge, insurance premium, pension, credit card, tax, and tuition payment.

Special Risk Management

CruzACH's unique management eliminates the possibility of credit risk exposure due to funds transfer. By providing a net debt limit management function, you can bank with confidence as it will prevent the liquidity problems due to clearing and payment time differences.

Main Functions

Payment Service

  • Credit Transfer, Debit Transfer
  • Various Payment Operation Process

Automatic Clearing Service

  • Process Balance Difference by Institution
  • Multi Session Process

Connection Method

  • Real-Time/Batch
  • Real-Time/Batch

Risk Management

  • Net Debit Limit Management
  • Risk Assessment

Institution Management

  • Contract Management
  • Credit Management
  • Billing/Payment Management


  • Reconciliation Management
  • Dispute Management
  • Mandate Management