FirmBanking Solution

Here is the solution for easy corporate fund management
that you are looking for.

CruzFirm is a Firm Banking solution that provides user connecting and file sending/receiving services. CruzFirm supports both financial institution system (Server) and user institution system(Client) as a service where the users (corporations, institutions, etc.) are directly connected to the financial network of the financial institution through dedicated lines.

Mass transfers, Real-time transfers. CruzFirmcan do with just one click

Main Functions

Firm Banking Common Operations

  • Mass Debit Transfer
  • Mass Credit Transfer
  • Real-Time Won Currency Transfer
  • Real-Time Foreign Currency Transfer
  • Withdrawal Consent
  • File format validation and conversion
  • Righteousness validation
  • Message Conversion
  • Re-receiving (sending) Management
  • Payer Number Management
  • Institution Management
  • Payment Business
  • Account Summary/Account Matching Management
  • Processing of fee
  • Scheduling by institution

External institution Linkage business

  • File Sending/Receiving
  • External Institution Connecting
  • Encryption/Decryption
  • Missing Number Processing
  • VAN Company addition

Core Banking Connection business

  • Center Cut Request
  • Message Sending/Receiving
  • Missing number Processing

Operations Management

  • Giving number Management
  • System Management
  • Business Processing Statistics
  • Business processing inquiry
  • Request/Result History Management
  • Error Processing
  • Code Management
  • Center Cut Processing Status
  • Transfer Turnover Management


  • Process Real-time data and batch file
  • Process various types of transfer files
  • Add new VAN Company or Institution by simple setting
  • Respond to exceptions rapidly by tracking external institution connection data
  • Restrict deposit/withdrawal errors by verifying amount, number, etc.
  • Provide virtual simulator for external institution connection testing
  • Provide using institution convenience through many times deposit processing in one day
  • Send the deposit/withdrawal result to users through SMS
  • Accept the diversification of the contents recorded in customer’s passbook

Key Use Cases


Firm Banking System Implementation of Woori Bank Vietnam

Woori Bank is establishing an independent corporation in Vietnam and building its own system. Our CruzFirm solution has been introduced in order to provide the firm banking service for corporate asset management, which is familiar in Korea but is a new service in Vietnam.


E-Financial System Implementation for Suhyup Cooperative Federation system.

As for Suhyup by implementing the next-generation system, the account business process system was rearranged (Nextro system), which the company developed Internet banking, virtual account, and firm banking system to respond to the electronic financial related system affected. We participated in the development of firm banking, which we had built in the past.


New Credit System (Next-Generation System) Implementation of Nonghyup

The NongHyup has built a next-generation system to enhance the competitiveness of its credit business and provide high-quality information services to its customers. Our Company DIREA has already implemented firm banking and VAN Connection Firm Banking before the next-generation, and through the next generation, we built the whole firm banking system of NongHyup.